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A New Year Resolution for your Desert Garden

Most of us attempt to make New Year resolutions or reflect on the successes of the past year and think about what we want for the next year. In our gardens, we can make many different kinds of resolutions such as: 

~ to work consistently in my garden, deadheading, planting and fertilizing 

~ to add a water feature to my garden 

~ to create a new garden 

~ to add a new patio or shade area to my garden 

~ to add and care for a sustainable garden with veggies & herbs 

Etc, etc, etc!!! 

So often as I speak with desert transplants and ask them how they use their patio, the answer is that they don’t. We have chosen to live in the beautiful desert climate and the winter months in the valley is the perfect time to be outside and take in all that you have done to create a beautiful environment around you. Enjoy this easy resolution for many years to come!!

My suggestion for your New Year’s Resolution is to

Resolve to spend more time in your garden (or on your patio) enjoying your oasis in the desert

Happy New Year!




  1. Jackie on at

    Happy New Year, Marylee!

  2. Liz Haughey on at

    Have a wonderful 2019. See you next year.

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