Riley's Garden Oasis - A Story of Getting Potted in the Desert

Create Vibrant Colors in Your Desert Oasis Pots With Riley and Her New Friends!

A Tale Bursting with 365 Days of Living Color
Marylee Pangman


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Marylee’s Tip for desert pot success Ebbok

Learn from Marylee, the Desert's Potted Garden Expert, on the 8 important methods for
beautiful container gardens in the desert. You can have color in your desert pots 365 days a year!

About Marylee

Flowers Potted Desert
Marylee Pangman autographing her book, Getting Potted in the Desert

Are you a newcomer or a seasoned desert gardener? No matter our expertise, we're all looking to keep flowers alive in this dry and hot climate, right?

How do you get help with your desert container garden? Ask your neighbors? Go to your computer and Google your questions?

When Marylee moved to Tucson in 1996, there were no definitive answers on how to choose, grow and care for flowers in desert pots. She set out to help thousands of homeowners with creating a colorful potted garden, often “just like back home."  The Potted Desert is a culmination of Marylee’s experience and expertise in container gardening after selling her company, The Container Gardener in 2012.


Marylee next published her book, Getting Potted in the Desert and created the first resource that helps desert gardeners keep their money out of the compost heap and enjoy a potted garden that thrives 365 days a year.

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Foundations of Desert Container Gardening

Flowers Potted Desert

Getting Started with the Basics

Pots – Where size does matter

The #1 Necessity - Water

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experiences and knowledge. You're an amazing source for making our world more beautiful.
Connie from Tucson

I bought your book shortly after moving here, and followed all of your advice with great results. It has made moving here and dealing with the summers so much more enjoyable. Thank you so much. 

Shelley new to Phoenix

You are most generous with your time and knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with those with a need and desire to know.
– Patty from Texas

“Marylee Pangman is a Tucson treasure. Her knowledge has been helping desert gardeners for years. With “Getting Potted in the Desert," this information is finally available to everyone!"
Alison J, Tucson, AZ

“Marylee’s Getting Potted in the Desert will be a great help to anyone looking for a creative and easy way to spruce up a yard or home, without a huge investment in time or money. Marylee generously shares her personal experiences in container gardening in Tucson, admittedly a challenge for gardeners, especially those of us non-natives!”
Lynne B, Tucson. AZ

"I just wanted to thank you for writing the Potted Desert book, I bought it shortly after moving to Phoenix from CA, and I have followed all of your advise, and had great results. It has made moving here and dealing with the summers so much more enjoyable. Thank you so much."
Shelley Y, Phoenix, AZ

The Potted Desert

Flowers Potted Desert