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Container Garden DIY with online consultation

Complete your container garden project yourself.

Save time and money by working 'virtually' with Marylee as your guide.

Online Consultation and Design with Marylee

From the comfort of your home, let's work together to create a beautiful collection of three pots*.

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Choose an area of your outdoors that has been a challenge for you. This area typically will be a corner of your patio, an entry, a small section of your yard or a corner behind a pool. It is an area where you feel that three pots will improve the look and give your home the added beauty you are seeking. 

Book an Online Consultation with Marylee

😊Don't worry, I will help you succeed in the technology we require to work online. 

Included in your Consultation:

  • A forty-five minute live session with Marylee on your computer or tablet via Zoom, FaceTime, Messenger or Skype.
  • Immediate answers to pressing problems or challenges
  • Recommendations for relocating and/or adding pots in your most desired area.
  • A basic plan for the what, where and how of your new three pots.

Included in your Design:

  • A custom-designed planting plan for up to three pots*
  • A reference guide to your three pots.
  • List of materials needed
  • Step-by-step action plan to guide you in completing your project
  • An after-planting care guide to ensure your new plants get off to a good start.  
Words from a happy, online potted gardener
I enjoyed several of Marylee’s “Potted in the Desert” seminars before beginning to create my own container garden. For less than the cost of one good-quality 24” pot, Marylee toured my back patio via Facetime, and designed a wonderful plan for pot placement and specific planting “recipes” for each pot.
I’m so delighted with the result, Marylee is already assisting with my next project, my front entry courtyard.    David M, Green Valley, AZ

Price all inclusive - $150 for up to three pots*.

*Marylee will give you an estimate for additional pot or planter designs.

Next Steps?

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  4. Fill in the Questionnaire and make your Payment.

You will then be instructed to take some pictures or a video of the area and send them to me. I promise to make this process very simple for you.

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