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Potted Garden Design

Loving Volunteers in Our Garden

We’ve all had them. Plants that sprout up in places we never planted them. It’s not so hard to figure out — grass in the flower patch, dandelions in the lawn, clover in the vegetable garden. Most likely, in these cases, the plants would be called weeds. Weeds – my definition of a weed is…

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Flower Beds in your Garden

A Raised Bed of Flowers in Scottsdale AZ in the winter

 Winter Blues and Yellows in a Raised Bed Flower beds are great for all planting seasons no matter where you live. But here in the desert, we can enjoy beautiful beds 365 days a year! This winter bed is filled with Dusty Miller and White Allysum. The all-white bed shimmers in the morning dew when…

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Coloring a Shady Entry for Your Holiday Potted Garden

Do you have a front door that is crying for some easy-care color? This pot arrangement might just do the trick, especially for your holiday potted garden. For instant gratification, as the nurseries should be spilling over with Cyclamen, Geraniums and Bacopa in the greenhouse.   Choose a pot that is at least 18” in diameter.…

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Using Color in Your Desert Potted Garden

Desert Patio Garden with Blues and Yellows

Receive these free tips in your Inbox – Fill out the box in the column to the right and receive Marylee’s Top Tips to Desert Potted Garden Success!   Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder… sometimes  Color is the most prominent element in a garden design and typically the first one considered. Color…

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Designing with a King in Your Potted Garden

This summer I have been showing off the “Silver King” Euonymus, a member of the Boxleaf family and very container-friendly and perfect for your potted garden. If you missed the previous column on the “King”, click here to check it out. Designing for the “King” with a Court of Odd Fellows  Too many colors in…

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Hot Container Garden – Plant of the Month “Silver King”

“Silver King” can take any role in your summer desert pots  To best survive the summer furnace in your desert container garden, I harp about the size of our desert garden pots. To support our illustrious hot garden plant of the month, your pot should be at least 24” wide. This width and similar depth will provide the structural support as well…

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Bringing the Tropics Home to Your Desert Oasis

January is the perfect time to start planning a desert oasis in a new area of your  container garden. The ideas listed below will also work in areas of dry climates, reasonably mild winters and hot, dry summers. What better way to create an oasis garden than to look at our patios for the magical…

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