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After working for 25 years in the nonprofit world, I knew I wanted to pursue a very different career. I had always dreamed of opening my own business and explored many options but could not find one that fit my goals and talents. Finally, my experience with potted gardens in our Tucson, AZ, home inspired me to look at this as a possibility.

Founding The Contained Gardener in 1998 was the niche business that tapped my creative energies as well as my long desire to open a business. I envisioned one so successful that the name The Contained Gardener would become the standard of exceptional potted landscape design, unparalleled creativity and quality in Tucson’s desert community. The success of The Contained Gardener led to its eventual sale in 2012 to Sonoran Gardens Landscape Design, a local Tucson company.

Since then, I have been compelled to share all that I learned from container gardening over 20 years of blistering summers and record-breaking winters. With this, the Potted Desert was born. The number of gardeners starting container gardens continues to soar as consumer impatience with labor-intensive projects rises. Containers are easy to create and can require minimal care.  Gardeners, even retirees are busier, but they also prefer to see gardening as a relaxing pastime, not a chore. In our challenging desert climate, I see container gardening as a way to have our oasis gardens while conserving water as the demands on pots is far less than densely planted beds.

Even the smallest place around your house can be improved. If you have a small house or apartment, you don’t have to try to create things to enlarge the areas, and you can take what you have and make the most of it.

Being of the generation of striving for immediate gratification, the success of our potted gardens relies on our ability to create gardens with instant beauty. Even though container gardens are living art that takes time to grow and evolve, I for one ,do not want to wait for the final result.  With that in mind, I strive to help homeowners keep their money out of the compost heap and create the garden of their dreams from the very first planting.

Words from Marylee’s Raving Fans

“This is the first time I have had flowers in my yard that have succeeded. My neighbor thanked me for having great potted plants!”

“Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experiences and knowledge. You’re an amazing source for making our world more beautiful.”

“I bought your book shortly after moving here, and followed all of your advice with great results. It has made moving here and dealing with the summers so much more enjoyable.

“This is absolutely fantastic. It feels like we have come home to a brand new house.”

“The pots look beautiful and I feel extra excited to have family here when my home looks so warm and colorful.”

“Thank you again. Getting all the new flowers was like an early Christmas present!”

“You are most generous with your time and knowledge. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with those with a need and desire to know.”

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Marylee Pangman shares her wealth of information gained from 20 + years creating successful Potted Gardens in the Desert