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Don’t neglect your hot August garden now

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Desert Red Geraniums and Silver.potteddesert.comDid that headline make you feel guilty? I know it’s been/is hot, and humid in many areas and for some, monsoons have brought major rains. Who wants to go outside to do more than the absolutely necessary tasks?

Set out to accomplish these few manageable jobs and you will prepare your container garden to become a beautiful fall showcase as the nights begin to cool off. Trust me – I’ve been there.

Post on your fridge to remind you of your August Desert Potted Garden Tasks

Pre-Fall Tasks to Complete in the Next Couple Weeks

  1. Water pots deeply if not getting ample rainfall.

  2. Use a water soluble fertilizer every two weeks.

  3. Pull all dead plants.

  4. Towards the end of the month, cut back overgrown plants to new growth.

  5. Check your geraniums to see if there is new growth. If so, cut back any dead wood to that point. Don’t overwater them but give a loud cheer!

  6. Plan on planting some late season annuals when there is consistent afternoon cloud cover or nights get into the 70’s AND when the nurseries have suitable flowers.

Look for flowers from my shoulder season flower list in my book. “Getting Potted in the Desert”

If you don’t have a copy, order one today and have it before it is time to plan your fall and winter desert container garden.Cover Web finalI hope you stay in touch with me!

by Marylee, The Desert’s Potted Garden Expert!


Print and Kindle Editions available on Amazon.


  1. Meg Rau on at

    We are renovating our landscape. I am not sure which plants do better in pots and which do better in the ground. Please advise.

    • Hi Meg! Thanks for writing. Nice to hear you are renovating your landscape. However, you question is quite a tall order – those are really long lists. Perhaps you can tell me what you like and I can tell you if they make a good potted plant. My other question to you is, how are you going to water your pots?

      I also have a digital design service that I can help you with. Normally I work through small areas with five pots for a flat rate but we can customize to your needs if you are interested.

      Please feel free to email me directly at

  2. Marita Ramsay on at

    Dear Marilee, I have your book and have also attended your presentation at the GV gardeners Seminar. I am going to purchase several very large pots from
    Pottery Plus when I return in September. What do you suggest as filler beneath the potting soil? I have used plastic bottles in the bottom and filled the top
    the top 20+ inches with good quality potting soil.
    Also, are your upcoming webcasts shown only at the TBgarden or can I access them on my own computer?
    Thank you, Marita PS Love your book.

    • Hi Marita! I am so glad you like the book! Maybe you can go on Amazon and write a review for me. 🙂
      You can use plastic bottles or heavy nursery cans upside down. It is nice to lay a ‘bowl’ of landscape cloth on top of your riser to keep the soil above it all. I have also used packing peanuts in a lawn and leaf bag but my favorite is the nursery can. Use the largest ones that fit inside the new pot.
      Good luck! Send me pictures!

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