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March Diligence Will Pay Off

3 Reasons to Hold Off Planting Summer Flowers

1.Frosted Perennials Remind Gardeners to Wait Until April to Plant Summer Flowers

It’s always too cold in March to plant summer flowers.  The next couple of weeks in desert communities, nights are predicted to be in the 40’s plus or minus 5 degrees depending on your elevation. Summer annuals need a strong start to survive.  So we need warm night-time temperatures to help them grow and then, they will thrive all summer long. They need time to grow their root system before the high heat begins.




Beautiful Pinks Still Grace Three Pots of Winter Plantings

Your winter flower should still be looking lovely and scented annuals are filling the air with their fragrances. When I go out on my back patio, I breathe in the fragrances of Allysum and Stock mixed in with Jasmines and Citrus flowers. A good pruning or deadheading will help you get them to satisfy you for another few weeks. Continue to give them a shot of fertilizer (water-soluble) every two weeks to be sure they are well fed. Keep your watering consistent as the days warm up.



The nurseries may have a few early summer flowers tempting your wallet. But they are typically young plants, not always well-rooted. You will have a much better selection wait five to eight more weeks. Also, landscapers will be buying out the first round of plants from local growers and nurseries. Let them have first dibs and wait for the second round as the nights warm up.

Winter Pots in Late March by the Potted Desert framed


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