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It’s a hot one – Desert Pots Care – July

July Container Garden Care in Dry Climates

Are we going to get a break? I don’t see any sign of monsoons now. Maybe as this reaches you, the weather will prove me wrong!

Pay attention to your desert pots and watering system; irrigation or human. ūüėČ


Put this Checklist on your refrigerator so you do not forget your desert pots!


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A design for 8 pots rather than 5

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Choose an area of your outdoors that has been a challenge for you. This area typically will be a covered patio, an entry, a section of your yard or a corner behind a pool. It is an area where you feel that pots will improve the look and give your home the added beauty you are looking for.  

Included in your consultation: 

  • A one-hour live session with Marylee through your phone‚Äôs lens. (Facetime or Skype ‚Äď I can help you if you are unfamiliar with using these video tools)¬†

  • Immediate answers to pressing problems or challenges¬†

  • Recommendations for relocating and/or adding pots in your most challenging area.¬†¬†

Following your consultation, Marylee will email the following within a week of your appointment: 

  • A simple drawing of the planned area with included pots numbered for easy reference¬†

  • Two custom designed planting plans for up to five¬†Eight¬†pots*¬†

  • A list of materials needed including optional materials that make your gardening experience more efficient and enjoyable¬†

  • A step-by-step action plan to guide you in completing your project¬†

  • An after-planting care guide to¬†ensure¬†your new plants get off to a good start.¬†¬†¬†

Price all inclusive Р$125** for up to five eight pots.  

Marylee will give you an estimate for additional pot or planter designs. 

Next Step? 

Email Marylee to book your appointment today! Within a day or two, you will be sent a questionnaire to complete with the link to book an appointment. Your appointment will be billed at time of scheduling. 

**Offer expires September 1, 2018. Appointments must be booked before October 1, 2018.

I hope you stay in touch with me!

Feel free to send me your questions.

Happy Potting!


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