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Hear from Marylee's Followers!

Paul B

Marylee has propelled my gardening skills and knowledge to a whole new realm. The monthly emails, resources, and virtual classes have accelerated my learning - it would have taken me years to get my garden to the level it is today - and I'm enjoying colorful blooms all year long!

Jeri D

I've learned so much, Marylee. It's a great pleasure and keeps me interested in improving my desert garden sense. Thanks a bunch!


Carolyn M.

The Potted Desert is for beginners like me, too. The photo of my pots may not seem like much to some people. This is the first time I haven't killed every plant I've planted. More importantly, I've discovered the pleasure and enjoyment of making container gardens. Thanks, Marylee! You added a new dimension to my life, one that is richer than I could have imagined.


Barbara W.

Learning from Marylee has been so inspiring. Marylee has gathered her incredible wealth of knowledge in desert container gardening to teach us how to make our own beautiful long-lasting, flowering containers.

Kathy O.


Up to now I've only had succulents, cactus and geraniums. Using your techniques is enabling me to branch out into plants I didn't think I could have. Thanks for developing this service. I've learned a lot in a short time.

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