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Fall - Winter Schedule 2021
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Don't forget! All Classes are recorded and emailed to you.

Desert Container Garden Perfect Pots

Master the Basics of Desert Container Gardening Series - Presented by the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Saturday, September 18

10:30-12 Noon, PST

POTS, Pots and More Pots!

Do you have some new garden pots on your wish list? Before you head out shopping, come to this class!

There are so many choices when choosing pots, that it often gets overwhelming. A favorite of desert gardeners, in this class Marylee will cover pot materials, sizes and uses. She will also discuss the different needs of flowers and cactus and review where to purchase your pots locally.


Master the Basics of Desert Container Gardening Series

Saturday, September 25

10:30-12 Noon, PST

Planting Succulents and Cactus in Pots!

Fall is a perfect time to add Succulents to your garden. But, let's plant them in pots!

Like having your cake and eating it too, learn to create a trio of pots with water-wise succulents with a touch of color with flowers. Marylee will share many of her favorite succulents for pots and how to plant and care for them.


Don't forget! All Classes are recorded and emailed to you.

Trees in pots in your desert garden by the Potted DesertSaturday, October 2

10:30-12 Noon, PST

Adding Trees to your Garden - In Pots!

Trees do have a place in your potted garden. Learn the in's and out's of choosing and planting trees in containers. Marylee will cover plant selection, function and styling of potted trees, installation, care and long-term life in pots.

Additionally, learn when to add color under the canopy of the tree with additional flowers and trailing plants.


Be mindful of your desert potted garden Just Add WaterSaturday, October 9


Just Add Water; How to Keep Your Plants Alive in your Desert Pots

The top question Marylee is asked about desert container gardening is how to keep your plants alive. 95% of plant failure is due to inappropriate watering.

In this TWO HOUR class, Marylee will dive into what, when and how to water. She will also cover the basics in thinking about automating your system with pot-dedicated irrigation.


Create a garden room on your balcony or patio with the Potted DesertSaturday, October 16

10:30-12 Noon, PST

Creating Outdoor Rooms with Pots

Container gardens can provide much more than a colorful garden to view from in and out of your home. Learn how to use pots to divide patios into separate spaces, create screening for unsightly objects or neighbors’ eyes and create a hideaway to relax in. She will also discuss the types of plants that are conducive to creating these spaces while thriving in our challenging desert climate.


Winter Desert Container Garden in orange and yellow by the Potted DesertMaster the Basics of Desert Container Gardening Series presented by the Tucson Botanical Gardens

Saturday, October 23

10:30-12 Noon, PST

It's Time to Plant Your Winter Flowers - Get it Right the First Time

If you are new to the desert, a snowbird returning for the winter or an experienced gardener frustrated with desert death in your pots, this class is for you.

In this 90 minute, fast-paced online class, Marylee will share her 25+ years of experience in how to approach desert survival in your pots choose plants wisely and plant for success.

In Class Bonus: Marylee will share which flowers will have the best chance of surviving our winter freezes.


Presented by the Tucson Botanical GardensWinter Container Garden design with The Potted Desert

Saturday, November 6

10:30 am - 12 noon, PST

Create Winter Pots that Stun Your Neighbors

Explore beyond boring plants in a pot.

Be inspired to do something different and expand your vision, imagination, and enjoyment of seeing beautiful plants in a container that thrive all winter in your desert home.

  • Determine the correct plants to combine in a pot for the winter season so that the display makes sense and is pleasing to the eye.
  • Know the correct location to place your pots so they will do their best.
  • Choose your color theme and learn how to make it happen.

It is recommended that you also consider taking Marylee’s class It's Time to Plant Your Winter Flowers, Get it Right the First Time on October 23rd. (See above)



With the right care, your desert pots can be a gorgeous arrangement of color such as this primary color combination by the Potted DesertI want you to have a beautiful container garden 365 days a year. Even if you are new to the desert.

Let me help you have pots like these


Trust me. It's possible