SOS for Your Desert Garden

Stop your plants from dying and keep your money out of the compost heap with a VideoChat with Potted Garden Expert, Marylee Pangman

Book a SOS VideoChat for only $20 for your Desert Garden

  • Are you struggling with dying plants?
  • Are you overwhelmed with all of the choices of plants?
  • Do you feel it’s impossible to have anything but cactus in your desert landscape?

I understand… when I first started gardening in Tucson, I thought no way!!

Our first garden was just like that, desert with a Bougainvillea and Mexican Primrose. During our first winter, everything stopped growing, blooming and basically, living.

I was so frustrated. I did not move to the desert to have a naked backyard all winter.

That’s when I committed to figuring out how to choose, plant and care for pots, full of plants and flowers that bloom 365 days a year.

I’d like to help you get over the hurdle of plants that always die, no matter how hard you try to keep them alive.

During our Video Chat, we will go outside and you can show me your most frustrating problem. We will decide on your best action plan. I will provide you with the steps so your garden thrives!

Book a SOS VideoChat for only
$20 for your Desert Garden

I look forward to seeing you soon

Marylee’s Raving Fans

Connie from Tucson, AZ says: Thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience and knowledge. You're an amazing source for making our world more beautiful. ❤️

Patty from west Texas shares: You are most generous with your time and knowledge. Wishing you great success and joy in future endeavors. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with those with a need and desire to know.

Book a SOS VideoChat for only
$20 for your Desert Garden