Desert Gardening – Patience required

Initial October Planting white pot #1

If you have followed my winter garden this year, you know I have been frustrated. In the fall, we put five large pots into our 18-foot raised bed, making it easier for me to tend them. I devised a splendid plan (in my mind, at least!) and installed the pots and plants in late October.…

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January in your Desert Container Garden

Winter Pots in April by the Potted Desert

Greetings All! Happy New Year! In the above picture, there are two RBP’s, aka Really Big Pots are filled with winter color. The front pot has white Petunias, yellow Snaps. yellow Calendula and the pink flowers are Schizanthus, a winter plant that grows huge! The back pot has purple Petunias, Dusty Miller, and purple Osteospermums.…

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February in Your Desert Container Garden

Kale with Red Cyclmen in a Desert Winter Potted Garden The Potted Desert

How do you remember our winter so far this year? Cold nights and cool days? Flowers and vegetables have been slow to grow? Only a few drops of rain if any? And, the snow we had a week ago? Do not let a warm week in February allow you to think that winter is over.…

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Get Potted in a Desert Cottage Garden

Desert Cottage Garden by Barbara Wirth

Do you like cottage gardens? Have you ever grown one? … in the desert? Cottage gardens are an informal design style with dense plantings using floral, foliage and even edible plants. I would not say it is my style – a little too wild and unorganized for me and my more linear brain. However, the…

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How to Change the Soil in your Pots

How to Know When to Change the Soil in your Pots  Warning! This is a long article. Take it slowly and try to absorb the process. If you have any questions, please email me right away! Before we start, let me make one clarification. We don’t use soil or dirt in pots. There are specialty…

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The Right Plant for the Right Place and Time

Summer container garden jumbo pots by the spotted Desert

How to Choose Flowers and Plants for your Desert Pots The biggest challenge for new and experienced gardeners alike is in the desert’s harsh climate and knowing what plants to use in your garden pots. You must select suitable plants for your climate in the right season for your specific situation. Duh – obviously, correct?…

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Winter Color for your Desert Container Garden

Pots with winter flowers in blues, white and yellow

Growing up in upstate New York, we had our fair share of snow. As a kid, I loved the snow –- sledding down the high school terraces, building snowmen. You know – typical childhood fun! I yearned for snow days off from school. We’d listen to the radio for school announcements and be disappointed when…

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Shades of Purple for your Winter Desert Pots

A Winter KISS Design for Full Sun in Your Desert Pots (KISS – Keep It Super Simple!) Plant this pot design from the back to front (as pictured) or start with the Osteos in the center for an all-around pot. Why I Love These Plants Osteospermums, Petunias, Pansies and Lobelia provide bold color for your…

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