Container Gardening 101 for New Desert Gardeners

Two pots against a wall in a desert back yard The Potted Desert

Rather you are a new or experienced gardener, it’s always good to come back to the basics. I wrote this article with new desert gardeners in mind, but everyone will benefit from these tips. Picture yourself in the Sonoran Desert, where the sun reigns supreme, and rainfall is a rare visitor. Knowing your environment is…

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May in Your Desert Potted Garden

Summer pot that holds up all summer in the desert

Don’t Miss These Tips for May in your Desert Container Garden Prevent tipping pots in the wind An easy-care summer pot design Your May Checklist Rose Care in the heat Windy City – No, Not Chicago      Tips to safeguard your HOT Potted Garden  I love watching wind farms! There is something graceful and mesmerizing…

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Volunteers in Our Garden – A Love Affair

We’ve all had them. Plants that sprout up in places we never planted them. It’s not so hard to figure out — grass in the flower patch, dandelions in the lawn, clover in the vegetable garden. Most likely, in these cases, the plants would be called weeds. Weeds – my definition of a weed is…

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