May in Your Desert Potted Garden

Summer pot that holds up all summer in the desert

Don’t Miss These Tips for May in your Desert Container Garden Prevent tipping pots in the wind An easy-care summer pot design Your May Checklist Rose Care in the heat Windy City – No, Not Chicago      Tips to safeguard your HOT Potted Garden  I love watching wind farms! There is something graceful and mesmerizing…

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July in your Hot, Dry Container Garden

Summer Flowers in Desert Pots IS possible with The Potted Desert

Think Positively – You Can Grow Beautiful Pots Even in the Desert Heat   1. Garden and water in the very early mornings. Who wants to be out in the heat? 2. Increase watering frequency to be sure pots don’t dry out. You want your pots to be damp throughout. 3. Deadhead your spent flowers…

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September in Your Desert Potted Garden

September Container Garden Care in Dry Climates There’s much to do in September. Rose pruning, fertilize citrus and keep up on general potted garden care. Every task will lead you to greater success with your garden. Pay attention to your desert pots and watering system; irrigation or human. Wait to plant winter flowers – they…

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Desert Heat – Keep Your Potted Plants Alive

Summer container garden jumbo pots by the spotted Desert

Sunk in the summer heat? If you struggle to keep your potted flowers blooming and thriving throughout the hot and dry summer, consider this. Use a larger pot. I’m talking about 24” wide or larger. And I strongly recommend glazed ceramic over all others. I know many of you reading this are successful with smaller…

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Canna – A Recipe for your Jumbo Summer Pots

A combination planting featuring Canna

My Love Affair with Canna I’m amazed at the grandeur of Cannas in our summer pots. As I look at photos that I have taken over the years, I smile at the results of successful plantings. I am proud to provide you with a Canna Recipe that you can put in your diary to plant…

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“Silver King” Euonymus Profile

“Silver King” can take any role in your all-season desert pots  To best survive the summer furnace in your desert container garden, I harp about the size of our desert garden pots. To support our illustrious hot garden plant of the month, your pot should be at least 24” wide. This width and similar depth will provide the structural support as well…

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