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In her books, Marylee Pangman shares a wealth of information gained through 3 decades of creating successful potted gardens in the desert.

There are no other books on the market that address the desire of desert dwellers to create a garden ‘like back home.’

Book Reviews for “Getting Potted In the Desert”

Book Reviews for “Riley’s Garden Oasis”

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Getting Potted in the Desert book by Marylee Pangman

Getting Potted in the Desert

The book, “Getting Potted in the Desert" has been a long process of gathering Marylee’s desert gardening experiences into one volume.

It is not just the difference in seasons but the intense heat, long growing seasons and challenging winters that require a different mindset as well as a defined practice to maintain a beautiful container garden in the desert.

A Month by Month planning guide plus;

  • Ideas for creating and caring for potted gardens
  • Advice on container selection and plants.
  • Bonus chapters including seasonal flowers and plants lists.
  • Strategies for dealing with specific challenges like desert critters, the desert sun and water usage.

Marylee shares practical learnings of growing potted gardens for 100’s of customers and teaching her tried and true methods for success to create this resource.

Marylee Pangman, The Potted Desert
The Author

Marylee Pangman

Do you dream of beautiful desert container gardens, overflowing with flowers and unique plants that thrive in hot and dry climates?

Perhaps you see photos in gardening books and magazines and drool over the gorgeous colors and imagined fragrances.

What if we said you can have living color in your desert garden pots 365 days a year?


Best-selling author Marylee Pangman shares her decades of experience planning, planting and caring for thousands of desert container gardens for homes throughout the desert southwest.

Bring Marylee’s knowledge and experience into your home with her unique desert garden books that take you from a dreaded black thumb to a confident gardener, unafraid to face our challenging hot climate.

>>> A Note from Marylee

Newbies and experienced gardeners alike, you are my inspiration. I want you to succeed with your first plant. My books and classes aim to take you down the right garden path. One that you’re proud to show off to your family, friends and neighbors.

Riley's Garden Oasis - A Story of Getting Potted in the Desert

Riley’s Garden Oasis

Are you envisioning exquisite desert container gardens, brimming with vibrant flowers and distinct plant varieties that excel in hot and arid climates?

Meet Riley, a recent transplant from a colder, wetter climate now living in Southern Arizona who longs to plant and enjoy a year-round colorful oasis.  With the help of her knowledgeable neighbor, Ben, Riley learns how to cultivate thriving desert container gardens filled with vibrant flowers, colorful perennials, and hardy shrubs.

While entertaining the reader, Marylee Pangman’s unique parable-style book Riley’s Garden Oasis provides step-by-step instructions and valuable tips for planting and nurturing successful desert container gardens in a parched climate.  

Let Riley’s Garden Oasis guide you from being a hopeless "black thumb" to becoming a skilled and fearless gardener, ready to enjoy the splendor of fragrant and colorful potted gardens.