Desert Potted Plants Stay Healthy with this Surefire Method

Helping potted plants stay healthy can be challenging in hot, dry climates.  I think I first learned this tip in the Master Gardeners program. I adopted it in my garden and then added this sage advice to our weekly routine in all of our clients’ gardens. Of course, you don’t need to stop at just one jet spray a week. Daily would be great, especially during hot months and monsoon season.

Do this one thing to help your potted plants stay healthy

Jet spray on hose blasting plantsJet Blast Your Plants!

People who hear me say this in my container gardening classes look at me with much skepticism. Thankfully, usually, there is at least one convert in the room that can testify to the positive effect jet blasting has had on their plants, in particular  – roses.

Why You Should Blast Your Plants

  1. Jet spraying your plants will aerate them, providing more oxygen, movement and air within the plants. Plant movement aids in stem or trunk strength.
  2. Assists in preventing powdery mildew.
  3. Removes pests such as aphids and spider mites.
  4. Assists in removing spent flowers in self-deadheading plants such as Vinca.
  5. Cools the plants in hot summer months.

How to Jet Blast Plants

Don’t start jetting off new plants until you see new growth on them. Typically about two weeks after planting is a good time to start. Follow these directions to blast your plants safely. Blasting works for all kinds of flowers, shrubs, perennials and even cactus.

  1. Set your hose nozzle to the jet spray setting.
  2. Be sure the water is not hot. In the summer, do this in the early morning hours.
  3. Stand about four (4) feet from the potted plants.
  4. Aim the hose at the plants, not at the soil. Think of spraying across the plants.
  5. Spray the plants from all directions possible, hitting the underside of the leaves, across the buds and flowers.
  6. Take about 15 seconds per pot to accomplish this task.
  7. Repeat daily or as often as possible.

Why People are Reluctant to Blast Their Plants

Everyone I have ever spoken with about blasting their plants has been afraid even to try it. They feel they will break the plant, remove all the flowers and buds and destroy the plant.

You can trust me, though. We have used this technique on 1,000’s of pots regularly and never had a problem.

What People Say

  • My roses have never looked this good. Usually, my roses were spindly and unhealthy.
  • I have struggled during monsoon season with powdery mildew. When I started blasting my plants, I never had a problem!
  • Since I started blasting my plants with my hose, the garden has looked more healthy, flowers bloom more profusely and everything is just happier!