June in your Hot Container Garden – Tips from Marylee

Late Summer Potted Garden with Crepe Myrtle

Don’t Miss These Tips for June in your Hot Container Garden Extra Tips as June Starts Topping 100°F Signs of Stress and Sunburn Root Bound Soil or Plants “Blast” Your Plants to prevent pests and disease Learn to Diagnose a Sign of Stress in your Hot Container Garden Continual Wilting is a sign of Stress.…

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July in your Hot, Dry Container Garden

Summer Flowers in Desert Pots IS possible with The Potted Desert

Think Positively – You Can Grow Beautiful Pots Even in the Desert Heat   1. Garden and water in the very early mornings. Who wants to be out in the heat? 2. Increase watering frequency to be sure pots don’t dry out. You want your pots to be damp throughout. 3. Deadhead your spent flowers…

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Desert Heat – Keep Your Potted Plants Alive

Summer container garden jumbo pots by the spotted Desert

Sunk in the summer heat? If you struggle to keep your potted flowers blooming and thriving throughout the hot and dry summer, consider this. Use a larger pot. I’m talking about 24” wide or larger. And I strongly recommend glazed ceramic over all others. I know many of you reading this are successful with smaller…

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Canna – A Summer Giant in your Desert Container Garden

Red Canna in pots by a desert pool

Canna – A Spectacular Addition to your Potted Desert Summer Garden Through my years of desert container gardening, I often have gone into various phases of plant selection, especially in my tall plants that give the pots their backbone. There were years of Butterfly Iris, Mexican Bird of Paradise, Mexican Lime Trees and other plants…

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