April in your Desert Container Garden

Winter Pots by the Potted Desert

Snaps, Pansies, Geraniums and Foxtail Fern

Happy Spring!

Mature Winter Potted Gardens in a Desert Home

In the above picture, two larger pots are thriving with winter color. The left pot (20″) has huge yellow “Rocket” Snapdragons, blue Lobelia, yellow Violas and white Candytuft.

The right pot (24″) has a Foxtail Fern and is otherwise filled with red Geraniums. These cobalt blue pots and saucers are glazed, and the pots are supported inside the saucers with tiles to keep the pots above drainage water and allow oxygen to circulate through the drainage hole.

Practice patience with Patti as she sits in lotus position in her garden.

       Patti Patience

Get Though April’s Fluctuating Temperatures with Patience

The forecast for April can be iffy, with night temperatures from the mid-40s to low 50s and daytime temperatures rising into the 80s and occasionally touching 90°. We hope nights stay pleasantly in the low to mid-50s which will help our winter annuals keep going for a few more weeks.

As I say every pre-planting season – Practice Patience and hold off planting summer annuals until late April or preferably – May.

Green pot with single green plant

This month’s themes – Plant Summer Flowers late in the month and Check Irrigation Systems

Livie Your Best Life Emoji from Marylee



Keep everyone you love close – if not in person, then in your heart.

Take time for each other and to smell the flowers!



3 Ways to Ensure Success in your Desert PotsDo you feel like you are throwing away your money?

People often ask me how they can learn more about how to garden in this challenging but wonderful climate. There is no “one-stop-shop” to learn everything that will help you succeed.

I offer three resources to teach all I have learned and experienced over the last three decades. My books, free monthly newsletters, and online live and self-study classes offer you all the information you need to guarantee your success.

You can pick and choose as you like but keep this in mind.

Marylee’s books on desert container gardening

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Here is a quote from one of my book purchasers:

I moved to Tucson a year and a half ago from the Seattle, Washington area. I needed to “re-learn” and adjust to many new gardening techniques in this Sonoran Desert climate. Marylee’s new book is a godsend. I now have a “to do” list for every month with the information I need to take care of my landscape and pots … as well as add new plants or dispose of ones I don’t want any longer. Thank You, Marylee!  Kathy P.

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Also available at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, Tohono Chul and Antigone Books.

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