January in your Desert Container Garden

Winter Pots in April by the Potted Desert

Greetings All! Happy New Year! In the above picture, there are two RBP’s, aka Really Big Pots are filled with winter color. The front pot has white Petunias, yellow Snaps. yellow Calendula and the pink flowers are Schizanthus, a winter plant that grows huge! The back pot has purple Petunias, Dusty Miller, and purple Osteospermums.…

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February in Your Desert Container Garden

Kale with Red Cyclmen in a Desert Winter Potted Garden The Potted Desert

How do you remember our winter so far this year? Cold nights and cool days? Flowers and vegetables have been slow to grow? Only a few drops of rain if any? And, the snow we had a week ago? Do not let a warm week in February allow you to think that winter is over.…

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March in Your Potted Garden with Warnings!

Winter Violas Orange Calendula..The Potted Desert

March Diligence Will Pay Off 3 Reasons to Hold Off Planting Summer Flowers 1. It’s always too cold in March to plant summer flowers. In the next couple of weeks in desert communities, nights will be in the 40s, plus or minus 5 degrees depending on your elevation and micro-climates. Summer annuals need a solid…

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April in your Desert Container Garden

Winter Violas in a Blue Pot by The Potted Desert

Happy Spring! Mature Winter Potted Gardens in a Desert Home In the above picture, two larger pots are thriving with winter color. The left pot (20″) has huge yellow “Rocket” Snapdragons, blue Lobelia, yellow Violas and white Candytuft. The right pot (24″) has a Foxtail Fern and is otherwise filled with red Geraniums. These cobalt…

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May in Your Desert Potted Garden

Summer pot that holds up all summer in the desert

Don’t Miss These Tips for May in your Desert Container Garden Prevent tipping pots in the wind An easy-care summer pot design Your May Checklist Rose Care in the heat Windy City – No, Not Chicago      Tips to safeguard your HOT Potted Garden  I love watching wind farms! There is something graceful and mesmerizing…

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June in your Hot Container Garden – Tips from Marylee

Late Summer Potted Garden with Crepe Myrtle

Don’t Miss These Tips for June in your Hot Container Garden Extra Tips as June Starts Topping 100°F Signs of Stress and Sunburn Root Bound Soil or Plants “Blast” Your Plants to prevent pests and disease Learn to Diagnose a Sign of Stress in your Hot Container Garden Continual Wilting is a sign of Stress.…

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July in your Hot, Dry Container Garden

Summer Flowers in Desert Pots IS possible with The Potted Desert

Think Positively – You Can Grow Beautiful Pots Even in the Desert Heat   1. Garden and water in the very early mornings. Who wants to be out in the heat? 2. Increase watering frequency to be sure pots don’t dry out. You want your pots to be damp throughout. 3. Deadhead your spent flowers…

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August in Your Desert Potted Garden, OMG It’s HOT

Hot Desert Container in August - Full bloom with Red Canna and Sweet Potato Vine

 August in Your Hot Desert Container Garden It’s hot, and it’s humid. Ugh. You don’t need me to tell you that. August is the month to take a break from many desert potted garden chores. The most significant tasks are managing the weather and the basic needs of your garden. Our Desert Climate is Changing…

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September in Your Desert Potted Garden

September Container Garden Care in Dry Climates There’s much to do in September. Rose pruning, fertilize citrus and keep up on general potted garden care. Every task will lead you to greater success with your garden. Pay attention to your desert pots and watering system; irrigation or human. 😉 Wait to plant winter flowers –…

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October in your Potted Desert Garden

If you have not realized it by now, I love potted desert gardens. They are so versatile in there uses, flexible in their placement and plantings and the bottom line – you don’t have to dig in the ground!!… Marylee Pangman, Potted Desert Expert Please Heed My First Tip! Plant winter flowers late this month Whether…

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