Flower Beds in your Garden

Flower beds are great for all planting seasons no matter where you live.

But here in the desert, we can enjoy beautiful beds 365 days a year!

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Winter Blues and Yellows in a Raised Bed

In my practice, beds fall under contained gardens. They can be a planting in the ground , a raised bed or a jumbo planter. If it’s in a bounded area, it’s a container and we can practice the same principles I use for any of my designs.

Fast Tips for a Flower Bed

  1. Choose an area that gets the amount of sun that matches the types of flowers you prefer.
  2. Remember the sun shifts through the year – Pay Attention!
  3. Use quality soil that your local garden store recommends. If it is a small bed, use potting soil. If your bed is large, it will be costly to use potting soil. You can use garden soil for the base and add  4-6 inches of potting soil on top.
  4. Follow the same planting techniques I recommend for your pots.
  5. Plan how you will water your bed. If using drip irrigation, a landscape line will not provide the correct amount of water. You might be able to cheat off a grass line or put in a dedicated line for the bed. We have worked with the schedule of a pot line.
  6. Plan for critters! If you know they exist in your neighborhood, practice one (or all!) of these techniques:
    1.  Fence in the garden
    2. Use critter resistant plants
    3. Get a dog

A "white' bed of Dusty Miller and AllysumThis winter bed is filled with Dusty Miller and White Allysum.
The all-white bed shimmers in the morning dew when kissed by the sun.


The same bed in the spring with Yellow Daisies

Here is the same bed in the summer.

Now filled with yellow daisies and burgundy Celosia,

it dares the summer heat to interrupts its blooms.