Winter Desert Flower Container Garden – Easy Care Design

One color ez-care wintr desert pot filled with a Star Jasmine vine, Pansies and Alyssum

1 Color EZ Design for a Desert Winter Pot This winter desert pot design is labeled as an easy-care combination because it has three characteristics. “Leave-In Perennial The vine, Star Jasmine can remain in this pot for years, saving you money and time when you don’t have to replace it each season. “Many Options Color” You…

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Get Potted in a Desert Cottage Garden

Desert Cottage Garden by Barbara Wirth

Do you like cottage gardens? Have you ever grown one? … in the desert? Cottage gardens are an informal design style with dense plantings using floral, foliage and even edible plants. I would not say it is my style – a little too wild and unorganized for me and my more linear brain. However, the…

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Winter Color for your Desert Container Garden

Pots with winter flowers in blues, white and yellow

Growing up in upstate New York, we had our fair share of snow. As a kid, I loved the snow –- sledding down the high school terraces, building snowmen. You know – typical childhood fun! I yearned for snow days off from school. We’d listen to the radio for school announcements and be disappointed when…

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Shades of Purple for your Winter Desert Pots

A Winter KISS Design for Full Sun in Your Desert Pots (KISS – Keep It Super Simple!) Plant this pot design from the back to front (as pictured) or start with the Osteos in the center for an all-around pot. Why I Love These Plants Osteospermums, Petunias, Pansies and Lobelia provide bold color for your…

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A Super Simple Winter Desert Container Design

Simple Winter Pot with Kale and Calendula The Potted Desert

Plant your desert pots with the KISS method Keep It Super Simple! Our center stage of this KISS pot is Calendula. You already have a Calendula plant description article in your premium content folders. Here is the LINK, so you don’t have to go searching. I chose Calendula for this KISS design because it…

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Canna – A Recipe for your Jumbo Summer Pots

A combination planting featuring Canna

My Love Affair with Canna I’m amazed at the grandeur of Cannas in our summer pots. As I look at photos that I have taken over the years, I smile at the results of successful plantings. I am proud to provide you with a Canna Recipe that you can put in your diary to plant…

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