Winter Desert Flower Container Garden – Easy Care Design

One color ez-care wintr desert pot filled with a Star Jasmine vine, Pansies and Alyssum

1 Color EZ Design for a Desert Winter Pot

This winter desert pot design is labeled as an easy-care combination because it has three characteristics.

  1. “Leave-In Perennial The vine, Star Jasmine can remain in this pot for years, saving you money and time when you don’t have to replace it each season.
  2. “Many Options Color” You can use any seasonal annual in the center section. I suggest plants that range from 6” – 12”
  3. “Ez-Care Trailers” The third plant is a trailing flower. Both of these options require no deadheading. How easy is that?! Here I have used Alyssum for the desert’s winter. A summer ez-care annual might be Scaevola.

The potted garden image provides you with the plant list and sun requirements. Low desert regions may need to place this pot in areas with less summer sun than mentioned here.

All flowers in these post require consistent watering to maintain a moist environment.


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