Desert Pots: Metal Art Overrules Artificial Flowers

Metal Art Overrules Artificial Flowers –

That’s my opinion at least. I know it is hard (and hot) to grow flowers in our brutal desert summer. I do know that we CAN grow flourishing flowers in the heat. I have thousands of pictures to prove this.  Here are just a few!

Summer Success in Marylee's Pots by The Potted Desert

It CAN take a lot of work

However, I also know that it can take a lot of work, especially if our systems are not entirely up to speed. I had the ease of a reliable drip system and helpers when I needed them.  

Now Pay Attention – if your water is consistent and thorough, you can have pots like those above in your home. 

When Artificial Might Be Tempting 

In some circumstances, artificial flowers might work. But, I would rather see sculptural art than fading, plastic flowers. No matter how good they might look when you buy them, they will lose their color and vibrance. And people who drive by will know they are not real. 

In this case, I recommend that we turn to metal art to fill our pots. It might help you in any of these situations: 

  1. You travel a lot and don’t want to or can’t have someone water for you (reliably.) 
  2. You have a pot (or two) that you just don’t want to pay attention to but are seen by others.  
  3. You don’t want water staining that part of your patio or entry. 
  4. You have an area with critters that demolish your plants and you “just want a little bit of color.” 
  5. You have a pot that is a focal point and you don’t want to change it out every season.  
  6. You just want to have something you don’t have to think about. 😊  

While we were waiting to close on our house this spring, we were renting a unit down in the Voyager RV Park on south Kolb in Tucson. It came furnished and we only needed it for a month, so it was perfect. The owners there have teeny front “yards,” and most are not there in the summer.  

As I walked the park, I noticed the flowers, cactus and artificial plantings at many of the homes. Here are some pictures that tell some of the stories.  






Meanwhile, when staying in Vail…

…at a friend’s house where I had designed her pots several years ago, she had one empty pot in a key focal point. We debated what to put in this pot for the summer. She did not want to have to water it and her drip line was often a play toy for her young dogs. We also did not want another succulent.

I suggested she look for some of the local street vendors that sell metal art. After roaming around a few weekends with her Mom, she found one she liked. Below is a picture of her new permanent planting.  

Metal Agave becomes art in your potted garden

If you know me, you know I love our high-color potted gardens.

July color in desert pots by the Potted Desert

Summer Desert Color – In All Its Glory

However, we can sometimes turn to art installations to replace the living art of our containers. It’s fun to mix it up and bit. And if you do, please shop locally.  


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