November in Your Desert Container Garden

Happy November! 

November is marvelous in our desert container gardens. New winter flowers, fresh air, warm days and cool nights. Be sure to get out on your patio and enjoy the time.

Print this and put it on your refrigerator to remind you of your November Potted Garden Tasks!

Novmeber To Do in your desert container garden by the Potted Desert

Plant Your Winter Potted Garden Now!

Get Marylee's Book, Getting Potted in the Desert Today!If you haven’t planted your winter flowers yet, now’s the time! The nurseries are full of winter varieties, and if you need some guidance, pick up a copy of my book, Getting Potted in the Desert, as it has a complete list of plants in the Resource section. 

If you already have a copy – Thank you!! Maybe you have a friend who would love a copy. 😉 And, leave a review on Amazon.

With your new garden planted, follow the checklist above and be mindful of the following:


Make sure your new plantings are getting the right amount of water. Not too much, not too little. If in doubt, pick up a moisture meter from any nursery (shop local!) or garden department. Use this as your guide by poking the prong into the soil to the depth of your plants’ roots. It’s great to use a moisture meter on your shade and indoor plants, too, as we do tend to overwater them. 


Secondly, watch your local weather for freeze warnings and make sure you have your frost protection cloths available. Don’t use plastic or blankets that will get soggy with winter showers.


Winter Color in pots

Butterfly Iris, Burgundy Snapdragons, pink Petunias and White Alyssum

Lastly, as we approach the holiday season, be sure to keep up with your weekly potted garden tasks. You want to show your pots off to your family and friends over the holidays, and healthy plants will do better when we get those nips of cold. 

Happy Potting!


ps. Email me photos of your favorite designs!