Revitalize Your Desert Container Garden in Stages: A  Plan that Saves Your Energy

Are you looking to change out your pots for the summer but worried about taking on this job as hot days are coming?

Replanting in stages might just be the way to go. By breaking up the process into manageable steps, you can beat the heat and create a beautiful, low-maintenance potted garden that will thrive all summer long.

I started thinking this way very recently. It’s one thing when I have my helper. But there are times I rather accomplish my container garden by myself.

However, I know if I do everything (except the shopping) in one day, I’m bushed!! So I made a new plan for this summer.

And I gave myself permission not to rush things.

Phase 1

I cleaned out the pots on Tuesday to get the trash out on Wednesday. ? And I made my wish list. (Plants crossed out were unavailable)

  • White Pots
    • Purple Scaevola 1@
    • Red Vinca 2@
  • Yellow Pots
    • 4 Vinca
  • White Rectangular Pot
    • Scaevola
    • Profusion Zinnias, yellow or orange
  • 4 lg ground plants for between pots
    • Salvia or Pentas or Angelonia

The photo below is a sample of a ‘before’ pot, and to the right is a photo of a cleaned-up and ready-to-plant pot.

Phase 2

I planted the pots on Saturday and I’m about three plants short. However, I don’t feel I have to run out and get them immediately. That’s a big change for me! One I kind of like. The pots look good now. The plants I purchased are nicely grown. And each pot has a permanent plant, so I only needed 3 – 5 plants for each pot. See the next photos.

The great thing about planting in stages is creating a process that fits your needs and schedule. Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Take a few spare hours on the weekend to work on your garden
  • Plan for 30 – 60 minutes a day or every other day.
  • Go out early every morning and complete one small piece. Early in the summer, that is and later in the warmth of the day during colder months.

Figure out what might work for you and give it a try. I’m not saying it’s always easy. Sometimes it’s just hard to motivate ourselves to go out and ‘work.’ But if you get into a habit of going out, I promise you it will feel good just to go outside. You’ll soon be itching to deadhead your flowers, get out the clippers, prune a little and even get your fingers in the dirt.

And, because you’re not trying to do everything at once, you’ll be less likely to feel exhausted or burned out.

Here are some more benefits of planting your garden in stages, many learned from other gardeners.

More Rest When We’re Weary.

You can tackle the task in smaller, more manageable chunks by breaking up the planting process into stages. This can be particularly beneficial as we often live very hectic lives and just can’t finish everything in one day. Or we’re just plain tired.

Plants Thrive, Not Just survive.

Planting in stages can give your plants a better chance of thriving. By preparing the soil and planting in stages, you can ensure that your plants have the nutrients and moisture they need to grow strong roots and healthy foliage.

Greater sense of accomplishment

Preparing and planting in stages can give you a sense of accomplishment and progress as you watch your garden grow and develop over time. Every time we get ourselves outside to plant in the dirt is a moment well spent.

More fun for some!

Planting in stages allows for more flexibility in terms of plant selection and placement. As you go through each stage, you can evaluate the plants’ growth and adjust your plans accordingly. Or, simply change your mind!

It can also be a really enjoyable process. When you take your time and focus on each stage, you can savor the experience and appreciate your progress. Seeing your garden grow and develop over time can be incredibly satisfying.

And I know…

I know my mental outlook improves each time I look at or touch my garden.  Even three minutes of deadheading is a positive attitude adjustment that carries me through the day.

Watch for updates to this post. I will continue to tell my story about my summer pots.

Be sure to email me how you keep your motivation and energy flowing in your desert container garden. ~Happy Potting!