A local nursery is a great place to get information

Benefits of Garden Shopping Locally

I'd like to take a moment during this hot month to talk about economic responsibility. So stay inside your airconditioned ...
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Two pots against a wall in a desert back yard The Potted Desert

Container Gardening for New Desert Gardeners

Rather you are a new or experienced gardener; it's always good to come back to the basics. I wrote this ...
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Yard of dozens of pots for desert garden

Desert Container Pots 101

Container Gardens 101 - The Pots Gardeners all over the country grow plants in pots. With the trend increasing for ...
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The Potted Desert Vocabulary

Potted Desert Vocabulary

It’s going to be a lot easier if we are on the same page when I talk about different aspects ...
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Marylee choosing flowers for her container gardens

Save Money with these 6 Tips for your Container Gardening Shopping

Do you have a plan before you go flower shopping for your pots? Know your pots. (Sizes, color and sun/shade) ...
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