How to Change the Soil in your Pots

How to Know When to Change the Soil in your Pots  Warning! This is a long article. Take it slowly and try to absorb the process. If you have any questions, please email me right away! Before we start, let me make one clarification. We don’t use soil or dirt in pots. There are specialty…

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The Right Plant for the Right Place and Time

Summer container garden jumbo pots by the spotted Desert

How to Choose Flowers and Plants for your Desert Pots The biggest challenge for new and experienced gardeners alike is in the desert’s harsh climate and knowing what plants to use in your garden pots. You must select suitable plants for your climate in the right season for your specific situation. Duh – obviously, correct?…

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13 Reasons to Garden in Desert Pots

Trio of copper pots by The Potted Desert

Container gardening continues to grow in popularity around the world. Even steadfast landscape gardeners will have a few pots. If you haven’t crossed over to “getting potted,” here’s a baker’s dozen of reasons why you might choose to start this year. Just Starting? #1. Pots are a great place to try your hand at gardening.…

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Container Gardening 101 for New Desert Gardeners

Two pots against a wall in a desert back yard The Potted Desert

Rather you are a new or experienced gardener, it’s always good to come back to the basics. I wrote this article with new desert gardeners in mind, but everyone will benefit from these tips. When first starting a new garden, my advice is to keep it simple and grow from there. As soon as we…

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The Potted Desert Vocabulary

It will be a lot easier if we are on the same page when I talk about different aspects of container gardening. You won’t necessarily find these definitions as such in any dictionary. Many, such as pot sizes, are based on my experience and how I framed things when I ran my business, The Contained…

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Desert Garden Pots

Size matters when choosing pts dor your potted desert Braden

Container Gardens 101 – The Pots Gardeners all over the country grow plants in pots. With the trend increasing for small-space gardening, it’s only natural to look at pots as part of the solution. Choosing the right types of desert garden pots will lead you to success sooner, as the pots are the foundation of…

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